Artist Profile – Neighborhood Goliath

The bombastically-bouncy Neighborhood Goliath are a group of five musicians hailing from both the United States and the United Kingdom. 

The band comprises of singer/lyricist/producer Trevor Dion Nicholas, guitarist Andrew Cooksley, drummer Steve Gilbertson, bassist Pete Hunt, pianist Steve Corley and co-producer J.S.T. Andrews. Originally formed in Florida in 2011, the band was relocated to London in 2016 and has continued to release exciting and creative projects, describing their music as electrifying alt-rock dripping with honesty, vulnerability and head bobbing swagger, carrying themes of love, loss, addiction, social issues, stories of life and death all with sweeping emotional familiarity.”

Their first EP, Between Satellites and Settling, landed in 2015. Since then, the 2017 full-length album Monster Victim Witness, with its catchy singles ‘The Current’ and ‘Sleep My Days Away’ and artist features such as Clara Bizna$$ and New Track City, has been Neighborhood Goliaths defining piece. 

Neighbourhood Goliath 2

But now, at the start of a new decade, Neighborhood Goliath are back, and sounding better than ever before.

The bands latest single, ‘Entire Life’, released in January 2020, is a head-bobbing anthem that truly shows off Neighborhood Goliaths musical competence. From the familiar but brilliant vocals, the fantastic arrangement, the exciting horns, rhythmic keys and bass, everything comes together and sounds powerful and more focussed than ever before. With its soaring chorus and musical breaks, ‘Entire Life’ is certainly a standout track.

This Friday, 7th February 2020, the band’s second new single ‘Dark Stars’ releases, and if their current body of work is anything to go by, it’s certainly one to look out for. 

Check out the ‘Entire Life’ lyric video here:

Check out Neighborhood Gorilla on Spotify and Facebook:

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