Review: Oz & The Cryds + Numbskull – punk and grunge to pantless drunks

by Rabs, find more @

Wearing my highest of leather heeled boots for towering over the crowd.
I venture to tonight’s gig.

Now I’m a big punk fan, and Surrey’s punk scene is definitely lacking, so every time I go to a gig where the bands claim to be punk I pour a little scepticism into my hip flask for good measure.


Playing a progression GCEA- no matter how fast it is, it’s STILL NOT PUNK.

Now that that’s out of the way. The band to open was called Numbskull Action. They stormed the stage with papier-mâché masks in a slipknot-esque style.

Pretty decent.

But that wasn’t what engaged me. The promoter of the event had been wasted all evening and proceeded to dance wildly on-stage during Numbskulls’ set. As the music grew louder, the Danny DeVito look-alike seemed to grow drunker, finally capping his personal performance by mooning the audience before getting thrown out of the venue.

Definitely entertaining, but completely distracting from the band.

I was rather preoccupied getting myself drunk and chain-smoking during the next two bands, but when 10pm rolled around I was front and centre ready for Oz and The Kryds; the headlining band. I’ve seen them a few times and they are one of the most exciting bands to watch live; full of energy and angst, epitomizing punk, with a doom and grunge twist. I was moving as much as my shoes would let me!

Undoubtedly a great spend of night, with a feature from one of the weirdest stage divers I’ve ever seen. Danny DeVito lookalike, this one goes out to you.














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