New artist profile: Roet

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Egotistic, nervous, masculine masque

Roet, a band with no official released music and no gigs, I find it hard to call them a band. Meeting them in person, their egotists as persona will not be stunted, their masculinity masque ( sweat of little boys) can be smelt instantly when they enter a room and their smiles couldn’t be spotted for miles. To wrap it up, they would have ‘ metal till I die;’ tattooed on them. But for their interview they were kind, innocent and a little nervous, very different from the manly men I met. For a bunch of Gazza’s they were extremely eloquent, jazzing up their questions with a few words even I didn’t know. For a metal band, I think they put on a hard cord rock god personas but really they are mummy’s boy intellects.

Before Roet, there was Justas and a friend watching guitar videos and they come across “A pretty sick fucking riff” on a Facebook page. This sparks interest and they decided “yo we need to talk to this dude ASAP” here they meet guitarist and lead singer Simant. Then George comes along the basses. Last but not least after an army of metal ACM drummers battle it out auditioning, the final piece of the puzzle is put together, Ben the Drummer. Here we have Roet – soot, fine dark particles.

Their songs are not dark or satanic but in fact “about things that we see in the social sphere around us” one of their songs is a “ metaphor for a person chasing something that they’re not happy/passionate about purely because of greed or money or whatever the society leads them to believe that they want. But after risking his/life to get to the top, he doesn’t like the view…. it’s seriously fucked up”, some pioneering lyrics, but you can’t hear any of these cutting edge lyrics when there is so much fucking distortion on every instrument. And for the screamo vocals… and they wonder why they get labeled as “death or prog or progressive death metal or whatever” considering how heavy these guys get.

When performing they describe themselves as “a singular unit, and we’re all 4 pillars supporting this beast”, the only expected and interesting quote out of all the answers they gave. I feel their egos are transcribed through this idea of the ‘beast’; as individuals, they could be seen as the stereotype rock dudes all in black with some wacky skulls here and there. But then they transform on stage creating the ‘beast’ which brings them to a new level, a hierarchy, filled with energy and hardcore excitement. So it is questionable to make such a strong comment on your stage presence when they haven’t performed a gig together officially. They are setting themselves up for potential failure or they could stick to their word. We will see in time and we will all be watching.

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