Review: Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams

Despite their 2015 album A Head Full Of Dreams hinting at bringing closure to their 23-year adventure, the band has returned with a new double album with one half titled Sunrise and the other, Sunset. Charlie Purdie reports. 

Over the course of 52 minutes, the band shows us their take on the current sociopolitical issues that plague our society such as the Syrian refugee crisis, racism, gun control, climate change, and police brutality.

Arguably the album’s centerpiece, “Orphans” is a deceptively upbeat and positive song yet somehow excellently conveys the story of a girl named Rosaleem and her Baba (Persian for father), who are now refugees in the aftermath of the 2018 bombings of the Syrian capital Damascus.  The subtle but powerful usage of onomatopoeia “boom boom ka, boom tu de ka” is symbolic of the trivialisation of the orchestrated attack.

‘Arabesque’ marks something of a departure from the tried and tested Coldplay formula.  Not only is the song the first release by the goody two shoe band to contain profanity, but the song also finds Coldplay in jazz fusion territory with the saxophone featuring heavily throughout alongside French vocals courtesy of Stromae.

Last but not least, the song ‘Guns’ gives us an insight into Coldplay’s view into the world in general.  Chris Martin touches upon cuts in music education, the survival of the fittest and the threat of extinction for rainforests.

Have you listened to the album? What did you think?

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