Song Review: Hanna – I Needed

Sometimes I worry about the amount of time I spend diving deep for hidden musical gems. I find a banger with like 2000 hits on Youtube, play it to friends whilst acting like some kind of melodic messiah until they finally say, “Yeah it’s pretty good” just to shut me the fuck up, before going home and crying about being a basic bitch at heart whose taste is predominantly based off of an artists’ Spotify top five.

“I Needed” from Chicago based producer Hanna’s fifth album “Exquisite Style” is my latest obscure obsession. This 2004 masterpiece fuses the moody melancholy of jazz with the oozing sexuality of deep house grooves to create the musical equivalent of a, “My gerbil just had a stroke; let’s fuck” situation. (We’ve all been there.)

While Hanna stated in a 2018 interview with Magnetic that his focus is more on musicality than getting people moving, “I Needed” effortlessly covers both bases with a sense of style that some would say is lacking in contemporary house production.

Throughout the piece, nocturnal Rhodes piano and oceanic synths swirl around hypnotic bass guitar and old school 707 drums, as the vocalist almost whispers, “I needed to hear from the Lord” with an exquisite longing that leaves the listener intensely pondering why this girl needs to speak to her boi J Christ so damn much.

Jokes aside, this track isn’t on streaming services as far as I can see, and physical copies seem to be about as common as a tory in Asda, so if you enjoyed this track as much as I did, leave a like or comment on the Youtube video linked below in the hope that it will encourage this sultan of smooth to start regularly releasing music again.

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