Give Me Five: new writing – new music


Lucky Sevens – ‘Round And Round’

Round and Round? More like what the fuck?  The tune is flat, that’s the best word for it. I dread to think of the audience at a show – falls painfully silent as whatever this is supposed to sound like roars out over the speakers, repetition repetition repetition.

Listen to the tinny, cyberman from Doctor Who sounding vocals and harmonies on the recording, and trust me you’ll have a new appreciation for the word dull. Not to mention the continued screaming which can be heard in the background. About sums up how I felt, on listening, can you tell?

William Rodger

black midi – “bmbmbm”

Seriously, if anyone can understand one single fucking word that prepubescent boy is saying, please do let me know… I’m still trying to work it out. With hesitation, onto the music… the continuous bassline and drumming are reminiscent of the feeling you have when trying to walk through water; tedious, slow and fucking pointless (Easier to walk on water.) 

Emeline Follet

Argonaut – ‘Fuzzy Lovely’

Cover Fuzzy Luverly IwAR0Injtrosl7W2SAddPQQllqDcYL1gwHN0xO06PsDHralTZt8L

Well, now we know what Peppa Pig did in her rebellious years – the lyrics are odd and slightly evil, her mate helps on the shit harmonic backing vocals, and it’s probably mixed by her long-suffering way more talented parents. This will be played at every family event for years until someone dares say something.

Rosie Odell

Once upon a time, there was a band called Bongwater who had absolutely nothing, in particular, to sing about, because they were all well balanced, happy people, but still needed to play those guitars and experiment with sound. They made great psychedelic folk songs. This band do it with pop music. The genre instantly brings to mind, big business, high production or super cool and personal, like indie bedroom pop, (heart) – but don’t compare this EP, a DIY love of just doing it (instead of artistic apathy) to pop per’ say. You should have heard The Pastels. You wanna hear The Shaggs!

Regina Ruth

Hyll – ‘Cilio’

Not only could I sprint through the streets whilst listening to this song; it seems to demand it. The raw guitar riff and the almost ecstatic desperation in it drive me into the heady-heights of celebrating youth away from the cruelty of adult life.

Coming of age and losing innocence? Hyll would rather retreat.

‘Cilio’ (English translation: retreat) doesn’t hang about; diving straight into the band’s harsh and unflattering views on today’s youth culture, and the change into adulthood. Romanticism is pushed aside as the band fights their way towards the chorus, and I find it hard not to dance along to the infectious and irresistible call to run. These boys aren’t just here for the violence though, with the witty and imaginative use of welsh nursery rhymes driving home the song’s message, showing the ugly side to life and human nature that our parents and teachers made sure we didn’t see. God bless innocence.

Rhys Williams

BBC 2 Hyde Park Festival 2019

Every year has been as exceptional as the last one before and this year is no different. The headliners were mainly olden classic artists and bands, which is always nice to witness from a world of newer, younger copycats. And by copycats, I mean, listening to a song nowadays where you hear a melody and rhythm and picturing back to a song just like it. Alas, it can’t be helped but I will stick by the legends and say ‘they thought of it first!’.

Having Bananarama playing their hit ‘Venus’, Status Quo with ‘Rockin All Over the World’, Westlife singing beautiful ‘Flying Without Wings’ and lastly the Pet Shop Boys! They had been the main event and played more masterpieces like, ‘Always on My Mind’, ‘Dreamland’ (Ft Years and Years) and ‘West End Girls’.

Overall, a concert worth remembering, learning where their music has taken us in this world today.

Leonie-Jane Price

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