TFC writer Holly introduces Annabel Maria

New song alert!

“You like technology and hanging out without me.” (‘Marshall’)

Few people are unaccustomed to the sharpened heavy ache that often comes with unrequited love. Taking this universal experience, Annabel Maria reels us in with just a lonesome piano to accompany her silky vocals on this debut EP. A deep sense of melancholy sinks in as her lyrics explore the turbulent emotions one can feel when choosing to leave their partner yet still feeling deeply for them.

“I’ll swallow my pride and sink all the sights of me and you”

If music is the way of expressing deep emotion, this song oozes of sass, frustration, and anguish. It is difficult not to become hooked onto every ounce of pain as she cries out her past lover’s name to the world – ‘Marshall’. With stylistic parallels to FKA Twigs and Sabrina Claudio – these artists exciting and deeply connecting work will stay on the mind of the listener long after their initial listen.

Annabel Maria’s debut single ‘Marshall’ is available on all major streaming platforms.

website: http://www.annabelmaria.com
Instagram: annabel.maria
Facebook: annabelmariamusic

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