Album Review: AURORA – A Different Kind of Human

Ethereal vocal harmonies and minimalist background sparsity pave the way for rhythm and energy to take over in bursts

Name-sharing with one of the worlds most impressive natural phenomenons is a tall order for most. But, much like the Northern Lights, AURORA is at once awe-inspiring, powerful and otherworldly.

Those unfamiliar with AURORA should be sure not to jump to conclusions. The kind of haircut that would make your white-bred, Conservative parents squeal, war paint on the eyes and a dress sense like Brick Lane grew legs and started singing – it would be easy to stereotype. Instead, it’s clear that AURORA is free.

Sonically, there are few great derivatives on ‘A Different Kind of Human’. Instead, we’re treated to more of the same semi-tribal, ambient-electronic crossover that made ‘All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend‘ and ‘Infections of a Different Kind‘ so popular. It’s a blend that has none of the bubblegum of modern pop, but enough similarity to force its way into popular consciousness. Ethereal vocal harmonies and minimalist background sparsity pave the way for rhythm and energy to take over in bursts. Fans of Maggie Rogers will be at home here.

Lyrically, ‘A Different Kind of Human’ is graceful. It might have become something of a dark art, but discussing crucial social issues in a public context, without sounding like a halfway house between a street preacher and an equally annoying drunk with a story to tell, is rare. AURORA effortlessly practises this dark art, with themes of sexism on ‘Apple Tree’, social isolation on ‘A Different Kind of Human’ and climate issues on ‘The Seed’ (I challenge you not to sing “you cannot eat money or love” for the first thirty-six hours after hearing it for the first time).


Above all else, AURORA might just be a necessary breath of fresh air. ‘A Different Kind of Human’ sits right on the precipice of different genres and themes, but always remains unequivocally true to the AURORA sound.

Who knew gently whispering your thoughts could be more effective than yelling them?

Fans of AURORA in the UK can find her tour dates below:

Splash 2019

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