Scenes & Trends – Return Of The Punks: How Current Affairs Are Shaping a Music Movement.

YoungLungs blog is nostalgic, with an old skool mainstream NME/Melody Maker/Sounds feel to it, even though it’s an online music magazine, not a printed broadsheet, leaving you with ink-stained fingers, after the first read. However, the writing is thoroughly post-90s, inclusive word choice and coverage, and up to date, interested and excited in alternative indie, punk and rock music. Writer, C.J.S. Weight, is clearly aware of the music critics role as archivist, plugs passion, alongside socio-political, cultural implications of the era. Follow and join the emerging community.

Young Lungs

The-Blinders-Jimmys-ManchesterReturn Of The Punks: How Current Affairs Are Shaping a Music Movement.

“It’s a brave new world”.

The Brexit mess has been the main topic of the news for nearly two years, Donald Trump is making global blunders on a daily basis, the refugee crisis is at boiling point, reality TV has taken over and capitalism is rife. But a new wave of artists, reminiscent of the British punk movement of the late 70’s, are appealing to a frustrated generation that are sick of having their futures dictated by the old, and the proletarians that are worked down to the bone.

idles.jpgIdles and Shame are two of the bands at the helm of this movement, they have been taking their raucous circus’ all over the globe. Selling out shows in every continent. They raise plenty of issues from minimum wage jobs, political greed, racism, to toxic masculinity and modern beauty…

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