Death To Mods

This is a student blog which has come out of the music journalism summative assignment (Term 2). The piece is truthful and funny, an insiders view of the mod scene 2019. Follow The Good Stuff.

The Good Stuff

(A Love Hate Relationship)

By Callum Warner-Webb

Disclaimer! Before you kit up in your desert boots and circle my house revving up your Vespas, I actually do consider myself to be somewhat of a ‘mod’. The culture took over my life during my mid-teens. I threw out my jeans for some stylish Sta-press trousers, donned the target and a new Mod was born. My new life of rebellion and music had started and i was proud to protect the sacred creed.


The whole spirit of this inherently beautiful British culture, to be uncontrollable, to live young and to be MODERN. I love all things Mod. All things except the old mod.The retro modernist.

Yes, my problem is with the old Weller clones copy and pasted across the UK funding their sons oasis tribute band, dressing them up like a polite LG that…

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