Women To Watch – April



It’s pretty obvious to point out, but I really love music. It sustains me as much as food and quenches a thirst that nothing else can quite touch. I’m almost an addict at this point. This being said, I do get bored sometimes.

I can enjoy chart music, I love BTS, I think Lizzo is awesome, I’ll happily bop along to a little Shawn Mendez, if it’s on. But, I crave something new and something fresh. (I wouldn’t say I’m “hipster” but I will say that I am tired of the notifications telling me a song I found months ago has just reached 100,000 shazams.)

Ruuth satisfies these cravings.

I can still be in the mood for an electronic dance track of some sort, yet she is different enough within those confinements to keep me buzzing with energy and interest.

For me, Ruuth is a front liner in the new evolution of electronic music and what I believe to be the next change in chart music. For lack of a better word, I call it “soft-techno”: the kind of music that is clearly modern and electronic but has a slow tempo and a “chill” vibe. It’s my kind of music.



I’m going to be honest, this isn’t the style of music I am normally in to. Not the best way to sell something, I know, but I genuinely don’t understand why I like this artist so much. She’s relatable, sassy, talented, honestly nothing we can’t find somewhere else these days. And yet I don’t want to look anywhere else for it.

Mahalia satisfies me, that’s the only way of explaining it. Listening to her music gives me a sense of completion that I haven’t found in many places.

She is an incredibly talented singer and can do runs that would leave you with your jaw dragging up dust on the floor. Having said that, she doesn’t rely on this. Mahalia writes her music to be as powerful as her singing. This means that while, yes, some songs are a fight for how strong her voice can be, others are gentle and emotional and my personal favourites are a build up or mix between the two. Try ’17’ out for size.

Leanne Joseph


It seems a little odd to call Leanne a ‘woman to watch’; she suits more of a ‘woman you should have already heard of’ title. But, nowadays, people hardly ever seem to recognise the names of those behind the scenes, even if they actually have incredibly impressive stories.

She made her way into the music industry before she left school: running her blog, Speakers Ink; working for Live Magazine; being approached by managers looking for new artists, to name a few. I won’t attempt a full biography, I won’t even pretend to know enough to start one. I’m not trying to educate you in how she made it to where she is, I just want to celebrate her success with you.

“Perfection is the enemy of completion.”

Leanne has her own company, Brave Management, and is working on an artist’s guide to a successful release.

Okay, sure. Leanne doesn’t stand centre stage as an arena screams her name. But, she’s a young woman proving her worth in a predominantly male-led industry. And that deserves just as much praise.

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