Album Review: Mark Morton – Anesthetic

Vintage heavy metal from Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton. Writer Ben Clarke shows how true love isn’t really blind at all.

Got it! I’ve got Mark Morton’s Secret Stash; Anesthetic

Yes, Anesthetic has all the pummelling guitar and thunderous drums of metal albums past and present but is it real core? Is it real crux? Is it real captivation? CLASSIFIED! Until now… four years under the radar have culminated in a 10 track full length, laden with archive material. ‘Cross Off’. There we go. I’ve said it. It might as well be a single, toss the other nine tracks away. I jest of course, but it’s all anyone has talked about regarding Anesthetic. Late Chester Bennington’s visceral roars blaze across Morton’s two-ton riffage on the album opener paired with lyrics that lament about self-destruction and pain.

From start to end, this project has not one dull voice, may of which happen to be some of rock’s stalwarts. Next up, Mark Lanegan on Axis. Probably not a name many envisioned on an album bearing Morton’s name but it works. OH, does it work. Only a few tracks in, we’ve swapped out our band t-shirt, long hair and nose ring for…whatever blues fans wear. Anyway, Lanegan’s rugged, bristly yet somewhat, smooth voice moseys over the bluesy acoustic licks revealing a softer, more soulful side to the LoG guitarist. Beware though, foot-tapping and sing alongs will ensue.

Anesthetic plays genre music chairs a few more times before it rounds off with blistering final cut ‘The Truth Is Dead’, dragging us back to the pit with a whirlwind of guttural growls (courtesy of Randy Blythe and Alyssa White-Gluz) and Mark’s signature groove-driven riff leaving us there thinking, what the f**k?

LOG have an album release planned for end of 2019.

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