Is Kpop taking down toxic masculinity?

TFC’s KPop part 2, to Nicole and KitKats part 1, First Time For Everything: BTS. An opinion piece by Lottie Buchanan on her blog LIBERTEAAA | Is KPop helping the fight against toxic masculinity? Lottie says yes.


By Lottie Buchanan

I don’t know about you but I am absolutely obsessed with Kpop the moment. The loud and proud fashion, the catchy pop tunes and the dances that follow, everything about it is unique, light and fun. Largely dominated by boybands (and we all love those, don’t we?) with a ethereal beauty about them. But the most interesting thing about kpop boybands is how they are redefining masculinity, with their costumes, perfect make up, smooth skin and colourful hair embracing a softer almost angelic, side. Affectionately referred to as ‘flower boys’. But times are changing and we are seeing a shift in the toxic ‘rules’ of masculinity all over the world and South Korea definitely has already, got it right.

South Korean boyband BTS

A man wearing make-up out and bout may provoke unwelcome glares and hurtful questions about his sexuality and masculinity. But in South Korea, male…

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