Single Review: ÅVA – EGO

By Kitkat Anderson

An experimental soundscape of electronic emotion. Unashamedly outside of a clear genre, ÅVA have an alien familiarity which I can’t quite seem to place. Their sound is one I have not heard before, but it doesn’t seem so new that I don’t understand it.

Blending Soul and Electronic music, ÅVA create a unique sound with attitude. The trio have embraced the notion of the DIY artist and aim to infuse art of all mediums into their music.

Even though ‘EGO’ is the first we have heard from ÅVA, we can still get a sense of their personality. Unafraid of not having boundaries telling them who they are, they explore the idea of realising that some people are just not worth your time and you should stop attempting to change yourself for them. They are clearly strong-minded and proud to be themselves even if they haven’t worked out the specifics of who that is yet.

You can feel the angst oozing from the speakers when you play ÅVA’s debut single – EGO.

“We just wanted to experiment and create something different. Although there is nothing wrong with being commercial, we were trying to pull the boundaries a little bit more. All our songs are going to be very different from each other because we would like to consider ourselves genre-less and go with the flow of what we’re creating rather than sticking to a label.” – Vocalist, Claudia Fialho

AVA 1.jpg

Their image is innovative – playfully eccentric yet aesthetically pleasing. Be it their album cover or just their social media’s profile picture, ÅVA seem to have a fresh perspective. I can’t wait to hear more.

ÅVA’s facebook

ÅVA’s Instagram

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