This month’s magical three: the artist, the song, the new TFC writer

Stella Donnelly ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ , Beware of the Dogs album by Holly McClenaghan

Have you been in need of expressing your deepest emotional anger towards the misogynistic norms still lingering in a so-called post-patriarchal society? Well you’ve stumbled upon the right song.

In the first glimpse of Stella Donnelly’s sweet vocal tones emerging above the warm crunch of those electric chords – it is evident that this track will not be of the generic sad-girl indie genre originally thought of.

“Why was she all alone

Wearing her shirt that low,

and they said “Boys will be boys”,

deaf to the word no”

On the surface, Donnelly reveals her friend’s story. On a bigger scale, she shouts the traumatic experiences multitudes of women’s are affected by on a daily basis. In a society where it seems this conversion is still only just getting started, there is an ongoing consciousness of the light-hearted punishments many get for their crimes. And this song hits the nail right on the head.

Released March 2019 Secretly Canadian Label

For more,  browse Holly’s own research:




Pic: @stelladonnelly twitter

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