Writing workshops: PERIPHERY – ‘FLATLINE’

by Mitchell Barlow

Metal is one of the most divisive genres of music, commonly creating controversy for some reason or another; being used as an easy scapegoat for the mainstream media to pin blame upon SOMETHING for egregious acts. This song is a perfect example, it was blamed for containing “dark themes”, and claims were made that it promoted someone to try to murder.

Periphery is a progressive metal band formed in Washington DC, USA. Credited for creating a unique style of metal referred to as “djent”(onomatopoeia for their style of guitar tone), they create uniquely technical, catchy songs that (unlike many bands in this genre) do not come across as pompous, guitar-centric music.

‘Flatline’ is a message of anti-bullying and suicide prevention. Using the view of victims and the lack of personal reflection from the bullies themselves: “lose beauty in a mound of rejection Can’t we understand that no life is out of our hands?” Hardly dark themes in retrospect, motivating the little guy is their very intent, a beautiful intent in contrast to this genre and its stereotypically dark image.

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