There’s nothing better than a Thursday night filled with music, especially when it includes some of the absolute finest talents from the ACM Guildford campus.

As the crowd fills up quickly at The Holroyd Arms, Claudia Kate kicks off the evening. Featuring guest and Planespotting lead Teddy Riley,  the duo go through a range of her honest, KT Tunstall-esque tracks, with Ted backing up Claudia’s graceful vocals and keys with atmospheric chords and slide guitar. The track ‘Boys’ is a standout, and it’s clear that its catchy and honest lyrics resonate with the crowd. Claudia’s confidence as a performer is increasing at a pace – it’s safe to expect more from her in 2019.

Tongue-in-cheek Indica Palm Radio is up next, opening with a charmingly funny re-worked version of Gymnopedie No.1 by Erik Satie. Lead Jonas Butler has an instant connection with the audience, and as the band play their own brand of laid back indie pop, the crowd bob their heads along. The set is diverse and entertaining, with lineup changes (Jonas transitions from guitar to playing drums and singing), and a hilariously excellent grungy cover of ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears. Indica Palm Radio is well worth a watch. IPR’s most recently released project can be found here.

Love Family Robinson take the stage. A band at the other end of the spectrum to Indica Palm, with little to no introduction or stage banter, instead opting for a mysterious, full-on psychedelic experience that showcased extremely impressive musicianship with an incredibly tight set of songs.

Meraki is last up, headlining the night with their wonderfully diverse, unique sound that can only be described as being a big lovely mix of prog, jazz, soul, rock and indie. Lead Marcus Rice entertains the crowd in between huge songs such as ‘Part 2 What Was I’ and ‘Part 1 Most Gracious’  (played in that order) with his quick-witted humour. They then diverge into three distinctly different covers, each with a Meraki spin on them. Meraki are a fantastic trio of exceptionally talented musicians and are absolutely one to watch in 2019.


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