Live Review: Bethia @ The Boileroom, Guildford

Nothing. I’m sure for most artists, this being the crowds’ response when asked what song they’d like to hear for their eagerly requested encore, would be a confusing and perhaps worrying answer. But for the recently graduated ACM artist, Bethia, this is a perfect response.

Her emotional and heart touching song, titled ‘Nothing’, appeared to be a favourite amongst both the band and the eager audience, earning not just one but two play-throughs in the 40-minute set. And not a single drop of magic was lost the second time around.


Strutting on stage, her face flickering between the powerful pout of the strong, feministic icon that she is and grinning at the realism of it all; treating us to a mixture of original songs from her EP Hit of Heaven, plus a brand new song, titled ‘Want You More‘.

As if this isn’t enough, a surprise cover of Drake’s ‘Too Good’ brings the very talented Ricky Gabriel to the stage, the two vocalists dancing on stage, filling the gaps of each other’s voices.

The whole set screamed love, pride and gratitude; all integral piece in this artist’s puzzle. As always, I can’t wait to hear what Bethia brings us next.

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