It’s not all about the booty

 Princess Jasmin is not waiting around for her prince charming, instead, she is calling out the media for wanting all the rap girls to catfight instead of championing female friendship. Follow Princess Jasmin at

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Madeleine Albright, politician

Even though it’s already 2018 why does it feel like there is only one place for women on the top of rap/hip hop world and that women have to fight each other for the spot and ruin others success for their own benefit?

Women’s energy in hip hop was better in 90’s than it is today. On the top there was Lil Kim, Left Eye, Missy Elliot etc. They were all rooting for each other, doing collaborations, music videos. They had friendship. All of them were good artists in their own way.

You might think: What do you mean? There are a lot of female rappers. Surely they know and admire each other? Sadly thats not the case, It appears that there is only one place on the top (with all the men) and the one on the top has to protect her place in every way possible. Society has taught us that other women are a threat who will take your place and need kicking out.

This is where we have to talk about Nicki & Cardi. First of all I love both of them, loved Nicki since Pink Friday and Cardi since Gangsta Bitch Music. Now I think they are both a bit of foolish. They could’ve had it all and controlled the charts together and blossomed. Instead the internet people pit them against each other and they let that happen. Firstly, they tried to ignore it, but in the end both just gave up and it exploded. And the cameras and the press were waiting because this is what they expect of women. It’s like now they finally had their story.

Go ahead, google “Nicki and Cardi B”. There is over 52 million results in just 0.37 seconds. Just let that sink in.

I have heard people compare them in every way possible, especially one caught to my ear ‘Nicki and Cardi sound the same’. That one got me angry. The fact that they both rap and are women doesn’t make them sound the same! They both have their own voice and sound. Why have I never heard anyone saying anything like that about male rappers? I could easily name a few male rappers that sound alike and so could Cardi. As she said on DJ Whoo Kid’s SiriusXM show, Whoolywood Shuffle:

“I see all these guys coming out at the same time and most of them actually do sound alike. Sometimes I be like, ‘Who is this?…Isn’t that so-and-so?’ It’s like, why you don’t do that to them? Why it gotta be girls? Every rapper right now, like Nicki, Remy, me, some girls that’s on the come-up, it’s like, I don’t feel like nobody sound like each other.”

While I’m scrolling through this week’s (November 17, 2018) Billboard hot 100 chart basically 25/50 on the list are rappers and two of them are women. You can probably guess those two. My question is, as everyone can see there is a huge demand for rappers, can we stop comparing our women rappers and just let them be on the top together? As they say the more the merrier.

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