Song review : Betchy Barros – Bad Vibes

Betchy Barros is a singer songwriter @ ACM, Clapham – working within the neo-soul vibe.

Her current track ‘Bad Vibes’ is part of her pending releases, and is exceptional in terms of vocal uniqueness, but it is the lyrics which tell the true tale, not a protest, but a solution: “My hair won’t hold me back. My skin won’t hold me back. Your opinions won’t hold me back. ”

All the myths and stereotypes used to characterise black womanhood have their roots in negative anti-woman mythology. Yet they form the basis of most critical enquiry into the nature of black female experience. Many people have difficulty appreciating black women as we are because of eagerness to impose an identity upon us based on any number of negative stereotypes. Widespread efforts to continue in the devaluation of black womanhood make it extremely difficult, and often at times impossible, for the black female to develop a positive self-concept. Hooks, Bell (1981), Ain’t I A Woman: Black Woman and Feminism, South End Press: USA

The world needs to hear this already. The world is lacking in identity and originality and this song shows us exactly what we need. We need unity. We need love- especially of self, and Miss Barros tells us where we can find it. Every time I listen to this track, I forget all about the troubles of humanity, and get lost in the beauty of neo-soul and the soft, chilled out vibe from her unique voice. She’s demonstrated how incredibly important it is to identify with your roots and nourish them like a blossoming flower. For that I am ever grateful.

“We’ve been in the dark for too long, that we forget we’re all alive”. A poetic line from the song that will stay with me- always reminding me that light is all round and that love of self needs to be found.

By Isla Gray


Truth is, we tend not to forget but repress the past. Yet we always seem to have a repeat of the evil done. Even though we think its behind us in the past, its always just seems to be tail-gaiting us wherever we find ourselves. Scattered all over, hiding the dark, we tend to forget ourselves, forgetting who we are, and forgetting we are alive.

Ali B

For further details and tunes contact @betchybarros


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