The Rills @ the Engine Shed, University of Lincoln

Just as the crowd is dying from the last band, and trying to figure out whether they really need ANOTHER ONE, The Rills pull the attention back into the centre of the room.

The band, originally from Lincoln and now live in the buzzing city of London (excuse the cliche), seem to create an energy with the crowd and connect on a personal level.  I’d like to say this comes from how they’re a bit rough around the edges, and actually trip up now and again. Let’s hope that’s the only retro indie punk character trait.

It is. The Rills are exciting to listen to – with their catchy riffs – but they’ve also got two frontmen in this outfit, who both switch up between songs, keeping everything alert, instant and hard; a performance of passion and drive. In these moments, I believe the world actually needs them, because The Rills almost takes you back to that first ever band live experience. Every time.

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