Authenticity | must we go there?

Well what does it mean? I think that all depends on your state of awareness.

If a person absolutely adores Gianni Versace’s designer brand and purchases a whole outfit from their collection and takes a picture and posts it on Instagram; does that make the person authentic, or does it make the person SEEM authentic to the viewer? Or does it in fact make Gianni Versace himself authentic? The creator? I would say both. Gianni Versace fused creative bursts of energy in his brain, and created a brand completely and utterly from the possibilities of awareness. The person who brought the clothes may have liked the colours in the clothing, the details in the fabrics- making it authentic to them selves. Therefore choosing to wear it with no fucks given.

To me, it means to feel nothing but yourself. To feel whole, to feel electric and to move through imagination and creation to be whatever you desire. When a thought arises you give that thought potential. Potential of anything. Whether the thought directly comes from you or not really does not matter. Is Whitney Houston not an authentic artist for singing, performing and embodying Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ ? When she belts those words with her empowering, spine chilling, hair raising vocals, is she faking the whole thing? You tell me. I know what I think. But I’ll let you decide.

After all, your response will depend entirely on your own awareness.

Pic: Versace@ Harvey Nichols

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