Older, wiser….sill feel free?

“Now by a good record I mean one that carries surprise, pleasure, shock, ambiguity, contingency, or a hundred other things, each with a faraway sense of the absolute…

   “By a good record, I mean one that, entering a person’s life, can enable that person to live more intensely …”    

Greil Marcus, 1985

Isla’s song (@ Clapham, singer, songwriter, guitarist, poet)

The song made me feel a sense of freedom, but the fact is I had been listening to it and singing along to the lyrics for years until I actually engaged spiritually with it. When I finally heard the message, within the song, quite some years ago now, I felt that nothing mattered-in the most joyous way possible. It made me feel that everything unknown is just a cosmic possibility to be known.

Because the world must go on, the plants must continue to grow, the sea must continue to dance and we must continue to grow, despite any situation or scenario.

My body didn’t do much. I remember smiling in realisation that I just found another part of myself. I closed my eyes and swayed, and listened to the rest of the song like I had all those years ago, except with a different pair of ears this time.

Isla Gray 

The Bob Dylan classic was on the album of the same name, his third, which reached number four in the UK album charts. (Columbia) It was his first album with all his own songs, no covers.

Marcus, G (1985), Corrupting the Absolute, On The Record Ed Simon Frith & Andrew Goodwin, Routledge 1990: London & New York

Over to you

What is your song?

Do you think only good songs can embed themselves in our lives?

We see Bob Dylan as an example of authenticity now, but within the folk scene in which he gigged and socialised in the early stages of his career (New York and London), he was largely perceived as daring and rebellious, writing his own songs and arrangments. Perhaps he was being faithful to the spirit of the folk song?

Pic People, Politics and Pop, Martin Sharp’s drawings 

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