Single Review: Self Help – The Razz

Oxford’s Self Help is the perfect example of a band that doesn’t need to be categorised. Whilst a cynic may call their ever-evolving sound uncertain, the core principles have remained the same since their 2017 debut Always Trashy In Fillydelphia – catchy,  riff-based punk with themes of innocent debauchery and youthful excitement.

(Left to Right) Vocalist Danny, Guitarist Sean, Drummer Silke and Bassist Lizzie

Their latest single, ‘The Razz’, opens with something we’ve not really heard from the band before. With almost a minute of turbulent, guitar-led instrumental that sounds like something much more depressing is coming (and has me checking my phone to see if I actually put the right track on), the emphasis quickly shifts at its peak, launching into a bouncy riff that reminds us exactly who it is.

If there was still any doubt at who it is though, Danny’s uniquely calm vocals are here to make sure you’re aware. The lyrics aren’t necessarily breaking new ground, there’s no revolutionary hidden message but combined with the somber delivery they paint a vivid picture that instantly resonates with any overindulgent adolescent.

Self Help are all they need to be right now, a fun, young band carefully evolving their sound with every release. The Razz is another step in the right direction for them, and it’s executed in such a chaotically classy way that you can’t (self) help but like it.

Check Out Self Help:

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