Live Review: Didirri @ The Islington, London

“The last show I played was to 5,000 people in Auckland and before that, we played to about 15,000 people on the Vance Joy tour. Now I’m back to playing in pubs and it feels great.”

The red velvet interior of The Islington grows warmer by the soft tones of Australian artist Didirri. For the first time in the UK he is joined by his band members, marking the beginning of the Measurements world tour. Didirri’s openness and connection with the audience is clear from the beginning as he shares the stories of each song. One such story is that of ‘Blind You‘, his first single, a letter to an ex-girlfriend, wishing her well and happiness in life… just not with him.¬†“My love, you will find that wounds are aplenty / And as they heal, you’ll find the beauty in the scars.” The letter¬†can be purchased on a tea towel.


The show heads down a more sombre avenue with ‘Formaldehyde‘, a song about painters in a roundabout way (but really dealing with the difficult topic of miscarriages, with reference to Frida Kahlo), ‘Worth The Wait‘ and ‘Blue Mood’. He ends this melancholy journey with crowd favourite ‘Jude‘, about mental health and a dog who loves shadows.

After clearing that emotional hurdle, the mood picks back up with a crowd sing-a-long to ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head‘, an uncharacteristically happy song, before ending with ‘Ripples’. Didirri remarks how strange it is that we “throw our limbs together to make noise as a response.” So after the final note, we pause to spend some time in our own heads before clapping. It’s a beautiful way to end a thoughtful and emotional show.

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