The 10-minute review: 26 – Isaac Gracie

We’ve spoken about this before. You and me. Context.

“Is that you daddy?” asks Isaac. “You and mummy, sorting out the mic, back when you had long hair? You have a great voice in this video, daddy. What happened to it?”

This reminds me of The Regrettes. In a positive way. The joy, the passion. Sackcloth and surf guitar. Old school analogue tape recorders paraded front and centre, like that makes the music any better whatsoever. It’s The Records, Ramones, Regrettes. It’s rapture in a repolished jar. It’s regret and longing and melody. Full-throated. Full-throttle. This reminds me of Go Violets. No, I do NOT think you understand. This is the stuff I threw away my life for. This is the stuff for which you I adore. No, people like you never understand. Delicious, spitefully delicious harmonies. All tied up with notions of retromania, tbh. That’s great. I refuse to be ashamed. I refuse to be cowed. Guitars that shimmer through the icy wastes. Let’s not conflate a love for old school sounds with a love for old school attitudes though. We have moved on way past that. Should have a Scooby Doo name, though.

We’ve spoken about this before. You and me. Context. I heard this three times today on Radio One, and each time felt my pulse quicken, my heart soar. That somewhere out there is a place for you and me. That somewhere out there there is a place we could exist. That it’s not all mental BANGAHS and shit.

Ed Sheeran is shit. What part of that sentence do you not understand?

Wait a second. It’s not the same song, is it? Thank fuck.

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