EP review: Queen Naija – Queen Naija

Words: Marcia McDonald

Queen Naija 1

Following the release of her self-titled EP on the 27th July, Queen Naija was mobbed by fans on a visit to Times Square.


And I can understand why.

I wanted to love the EP. Waited with the Royalty Squad for months. Worshipped the two singles she released on the run up… Had them on repeat. For days.

The end result just wasn’t what I imagined. Like ordering a cocktail and receiving a mocktail.

Queen Naija 2

Let’s talk about what completely, fully works. ‘Medicine’ and ‘Karma’. The two singles she released prior to her EP. Quality. Gold. Happy Hour. Hoped for one great song and got TWO.

Queen Naija 3

Medicine’ is ridiculously relatable. The whole song is catchy. Queen gave us everything. A succulent slice of syncopation. And a double shot of sauciness. Even hired a double of her ex-husband for the video.

Queen Naija 4

Spicy. Savage. Extra.

But the YouTube star got her real revenge by having her new man Clarence in the video.

Queen Naija 5

“Imma ride him crazy and you’ll never have a clue”.

We were there throughout the breakdown of her marriage. Maybe that’s why ‘Karma’ just made sense. There’s no denying Queen’s incredible talent as a lyricist.

“Go ahead and have your fun now/Just remember what goes around comes around.”

The video for this track is simple. But she looks stunning.

The melody in ‘Butterflies’ is beautiful. The overall vibe of ‘Bad Boy’ is good and reminds me of Wale ‘The Need to Know’. The concept of ‘Mama’s Hand’ is lovely. And the recording of her and her son’s conversation is sweet.

But I just didn’t expect three slow jams. Was hoping for a little more spice in at least one of the tracks. More of that Cardi B influence.

Hopefully Queen Naija goes on to do great things in the music industry. And hopefully I will learn to love the EP as a whole. But bring some of that sass back, Queen. Please.

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