I do not want to review Queens Of The Stone Age

So, you went down to a Queens Of The Stone Age gig a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t write about it for The Friendly Critic. Why?
“It wasn’t interesting.”

How so?
“I don’t have a good answer for that. I just don’t like the band. They are one of those bands whose music I should like – it’s in line with other music I like, Mark Lanegan, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam – but I don’t.”

Did the show suck? Not enough theatrics?
“Iggy Pop was on before, and he was Iggy Pop. He was enjoyable. He has his hands in his pants.”

Is that a good thing?
“I didn’t have a problem with it.”

So what do Queens Of The Stone Age do these days?
“There’s a lot of smoke and… whenever I go to shows I take in the music, not the show so much. I’m the sort of guy who will go see a band he really likes and sit in the balcony. The one bizarre thing that did happen was that I saw my mum’s tattoo artist walking around. Ninety per cent of people there seemed to have face tattoos.”

Do they catwalk? Throw in five-minute guitar solos? Have semi-naked go-go dancers? Aren’t QOTSA these days basically the equivalent of Foo Fighters for stoner rock fans who can’t be bothered to seek out music?
“Guess that was what passed for rock’n’roll in the early 2000s. The Hives were on earlier and their roadies were dressed in ninja outfits. QOTSA weren’t dressed up in anything like that…”

“I did have a rather amusing text conversation with my mum during the show…”



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