EP review: Daisy Phillips – Where The Cornflower Grows

Serene. Ethereal. Almost as if you’re in a trance.

Imagine yourself sitting alone. You’re outside. There are birds, butterflies, somewhere in the distance; but no people. It’s just you and the sun. The warmth of which you can touch, just reach out and grab. There are no anxieties left in your system. It’s the type of relaxed that makes going to sleep seem like a waste of the feeling. You don’t want to be unconscious through this, you want to be aware of every second.

Imagine yourself on a train. Bustling crowds and people yelling and yet you just look outside, taking in the images that speed past like a Monet painting: too blurred to make out the details and yet somehow you can still tell it’s beautiful. If you put in earphones and gaze just past your reflection, all stresses seem to slip away slightly.

Imagine yourself in a cafe, senses overwhelmed by the noise of milk jugs being banged on the counter and the smell of ground coffee. But you slip a pair of earphones in and close your eyes, and eventually that business melts away and everything goes still. A faint scent of caffeine lingers, but is easily overpowered by your sheer calmness.

Serene. Ethereal. Almost as if you’re in a trance. This is Daisy Phillips. Her music, at least.

‘Dreaming’ will give you two minutes and 57 seconds of not having to think of any worry or negative thought. Forget uni, work, school, family issues. Just close your eyes and listen.

“The EP is based around thoughts between now and last year, when my best friend committed suicide on a comedown from drugs. The songs go through different stages of my own grief that I hope can be relatable for anyone listening. I’m really proud of the EP and Rob Harvey’s production brings the tracks to life.”

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