The 10-minute review – 21: Suggested Friends

A feminist diatribe sung as straight pop and with black humour in the style of Eleanor Friedberger (for example) and referencing Harry Potter? YES FUCKING PLEASE! They themselves call it bittersweet dad rock for your friends but some of these people are duplicitous sidewinders, trust me. Nothing bittersweet about the stuff on my favourite Welsh record label Oddbox.

Oh, wait…

The recorded version – available here – does not have quite so many silences in; I rather like the silences though, they help add emphasis and tension and a sense of being there.

It’s all mid-American mid-1990s twin guitar interplay swagger (yes, Blake Babies I am looking your way) except it is what London and Leeds and it is 2018 and I really should stop eating these packs of Asda Mint Imperials like they’re rice cos I think my teeth are gonna fall out before the hallucinations and sugar rush kick in.

Frighteningly good in a way that most stuff called frighteningly good just isn’t.

Think about that sentence for a second. Or rather, do not. Pure hyperbole. It does not say anything, does not advance the conversation, does not lead to further understanding or territorial pissings of the band in question. HOWEVER, it is good to sometimes put across a sense of enthusiasm especially if the enthusiasm in question is genuine. I remember standing shaking with perspiration and adrenalin outside a Shop Assistants dressing room and thinking “they’re going to want me to act all enthusiastic the second I step through that door” and thinking how exhausted I was, all the dancing and stuff that had just transpired.

Yes, I am exhausted right now. The good stuff always does it to me.

Ah, wait. Here it is again. Frighteningly good.


Just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, five lucky music lovers will win the ultimate package to The Friendly Critic.

Your Golden Ticket will give you:
– Front row seats to all new Suggested Friends videos.
– Tickets to a music and chocolate pairing class (your choice, your bill)
– Lunch in the café (your choice, your bill)
– Take home goodies & more!

For your chance to be in the running to win a Golden Ticket to this year’s Friendly Critic, all you need to do is tag a friend and leave a comment underneath this post, detailing your favourite Suggested Friends song. Competition NOT open to employees, or indeed anyone who has even heard, of Oddbox Records before.

Make sure you LIKE our page to keep up to date with all the event details and to see if you’re one of just five lucky winners!

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