Tidal and its double trouble

Tidal has launched a third-party investigation to prove the accusations against it were faulty, claiming they have been party to data theft and manipulation. The reasons as to who and why would act in such ways towards Tidal is left to you to figure out. This claim however, and the action to start a third-party investigation, prove the importance of transparency and accountability when it comes to providing a platform for music.

Following on from last week’s story, The Friendly Critic reached out to TONO officials and to Bendik Hofseth. Bendik Hofseth is a major figure in the Norwegian and international music and one of the many artists that could be affected if the accusations against Tidal prove to be correct.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 13.55.24

Streaming services are a part of the digital economy and they need to embody the principles of transparency and accountability in order to operate legitimately. If what is being said about Tidal proves to be correct then these principles will have been massively shaken. As Mr Hofseth told The Friendly Critic, “Although it is not a lot of money from each rights holders, the simple principles of transparency and accountability are broken. That is the very basis of trust in a digital economy. Pitiful, unnecessary and sad.”

Streaming services such as Tidal generate data, data that in the right hands can be a powerful tool, and that is why they need to be carefully regulated as technology continues to evolve rapidly. If these services fail to protect either themselves or the people they represent, the industry will face massive problems.

Director of communications at TONO, Mr. Martinsen told The Friendly Critic, “We need to protect the interests of the rights holders we represent, but we also strongly believe that this should be in the interest of Tidal, who claim the data has been stolen and manipulated.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 20.42.46

Tidal faces a double trouble. One is that it needs to prove to the people involved in it, that it is accountable. The second is that it can protect itself and the people it represents from outside threats.

Visual from The Trichordist.

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