10 Tracks better than the new Arctic Monkeys

1) YUNGBLUD – I Love You, Will You Marry Me

Fresh, modern and not afraid to speak his mind. This is punky indie music as it was originally intended, with a hip-hop tinge to boot. The new album is set to be a corker too…

2) China Bears – Night Calls

China Bears are sophisticated pop-rockers from the South East of England. With a slew of mainstream radio plays under their belt already (and a Frank Turner seal of approval!), these guys are definitely one to watch…

3) Maggie Rogers – Dog Years

Experimental ambience and a beautiful voice are a winning combination here. Soft but excellently crafted.

4) Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness

Similar to Rogers above, Bridgers is one of those artists that becomes less of a secret every day. ‘Motion Sickness’ is a work of art, edging to a slightly rockier feel.

5) Concrete Caverns – Unforgivable

Concrete Caverns are still in relative infancy, but catch them live if you get a chance. This is old footage but the new EP can be found on streaming sites and shows off the bands raw, modern sound!

6) Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down

Just ’cause…

7) Terms And Conditions – Dancer

Modern beats, strong lyrics and a great feel. This is the equivalent of what Monkeys were back in the heyday!


Another from the more ambient side of indie-pop, Bridges have been skirting the fringes of breakthrough for years. BFF is a stand-out track from a great band and should be seen live at your earliest opportunity.

9) Rat Boy – Laidback

Rat Boy is ballsy and extravagant with no qualms about saying ‘Fuck You’. Similar to most of the above, Rat Boy represents the same culture that Monkeys would have done back in their heyday.

10) Ink. – Symphony Woman

Another fresh face, INK. have been around for next to no time at all. Currently midway through a debut UK tour, with many dates selling out after only releasing four tracks, the boys have already found themselves on primetime Radio 1 too. Oh, and you might recognise that bassist…

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