Single Review: Dame Jean – Joke’s On You

Less than two months after debuting with the quick-fire, emotional gut-punch that is Wasted Love, the garage three-piece from Bath are back with a glam-grunge attack of bitter-sweet sass, Joke’s On You. The new single is just as unkempt, wild and punky as the band’s debut while showing there’s more to Dame Jean than meets the eye.

With a bass tone to make Bruce Foxton jealous and a hell of a Brian Molko influence in the vocals (not to mention in the androgynous look), ‘Joke’s On You’ is a brain-shaking,  melodrama about being broken down and using that to push forward. “Without a heart she’s got nothing to lose/The joke’s on you.” Empowering. Intimidating. The sudden fear that hits upon coming unstuck, vocalised in three minutes of what is either grunge Placebo, glam Franz Ferdinand or, as Dame Jean themselves put it, “an excuse to make a lot of very loud noises and scream about swamp monsters between sickly pop hooks”.

From: Bath
Formed: 2017
For fans of: Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, Honey

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