10 tips for musicians going into the studio for the first time

By various people at ACM London

  • Have a shower and be ON TIME! ACM student comment: “And bring an extra T-shirt, because you will sweat like a bitch.”
  • Bring your instrument, don’t expect they will have everything for you! ACM student comment: “Or check if you don’t know, nothing wrong with a cheeky email.”
  • Always bring picks and spare strings if you’re a guitarist/bassist. ACM student comment: “… and sticks if you’re a drummer! Make sure you remember to bring a left stick and a right stick.”
  • Rehearse properly and write your songs yourself. ACM student comment: “Preferably a good one.”
  • Be polite and respectful. Follow the orders from engineers and producers! ACM student comment: “It’s their domain and they will shout at you for an hour if they have to.”
  • Tie your shoes properly, don’t risk falling on the drums or something like that! ACM student comment: “I like to take my shoes off.”
  • DO NOT bring any drink near the electronics, electric shocks are serious stuff. ACM student comment: “Nah, just use a Powerade bottle.”
  • Do not drink coffee if singing. It will close your vocal chords and you will sound like a dying monkey! ACM student comment: “What if you’re singing metal?”
  • Tune your instruments and make sure the tones are right! ACM student comment: “Surely, that’s the producer’s job?’
  • Finally, seat comfortably (or stand) and deliver a great performance! ACM student comment: “Kick the amp over.”


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