The 10-minute review – 15: Mattiel

The dialogue inside my head five minutes ago went like this:

Why don’t you write something? Don’t want to.
Why don’t you write something? Don’t want to.
You’ve been sitting around the house all day. You’ve done nothing. You haven’t found the shed you promised yourself. You haven’t worked any more on your book. You haven’t even compiled those reading lists you promised the ACM library. Why don’t you write something? Then at least you’ll have done something before you go to bed. Don’t want to.

There is no logic to it. Glorious day, free day. Could have done anything. Don’t want to.
Don’t want to.

Depression is a doozy, innit?

So, much against my better instincts, here I am sat at the computer first time today aside from constant games of three-minute chess.

Mattiel. I cannot find who sent me this glorious pottage of 1960s refrains and wide-open singing, and I cannot find a reference point. In my mind I had the review written, not poetic. Cut to the quick. Get in, get out quick. Maybe no one will notice. It was not until three minutes ago I thought, “aha, the 1960s” and “aha, Nancy Sinatra” and “aha, oh my God can I not think of another reference point even after all this time?” Before that, Mattiel had been part of a glorious jumble of sounds on my phone’s iTunes shuffle –

– maybe I might retype that list again. Looking at it makes me ridiculously happy, comforted. Such great music. You want me to share my secrets, lend you the keys to the treasure chests? Spend a few minutes with those names. I’ll do you a mixtape, honest to GOD I will, you just need to ask. Ask me. ASK!

So there is me thinking, not 1960s (well, not in particular – but that is mainly because I need to always check Mattiel’s name when she comes up among such a glorious confusion of happy,  her and the wonderful, wonderful Totally Mild … and me, I take that as a good sign that you love the music so much each time you hear it you need to check the name.

I digress.

Oh, and by the way, that Daniel Johnston album I never heard from 2010 is an absolute stormer, a battering ram of musicianship and aging passion.

I digress. We’re here to discuss the fact I so love to listen to the lady in Mattiel having such a great time singing her lines full-throttle, unabashed, no need to hide. As a sponsored fan puts it, “Mattiel is a refreshing sound in a genre full of hushed female vocalists. Her voice is a weapon, and she’s not afraid to use it. Buy. This. Album. Favorite track: Count Your Blessings.”

Yeah, baby.

Two days ago I had it nailed. I was like “Mattiel is half this – ”

” – and half this – ”

But of course, she isn’t. (Runs away, hides face in embarrassment.)

Fuck it. Here’s that list again. Ain’t she a beaut?

So. I wrote something. Didn’t want to, but I did.
Rock writing 1: depression 0 (uh… that’s a damn lie).

Here is my favourite song on the album. Absolute belter.

And here is a taste of her live. Belter!

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