Single review: Tyne-James Organ – Watch You Go

 I seriously LOVE the Australian music scene. So when my friends over at Baked Goods posted their latest instalment I suddenly felt that my life had been geared towards an ultimate purpose: to bring this song to your not-so-Australian selves.

‘Watch You Go’ by Tyne-James Organ is performed in this live video with perhaps even more beauty than the already flawless studio version. Listen to it, memorise it, add it to every damn playlist you have. Grab your tissues, and don’t turn away from the screen. I’ve had the song on repeat for the last half hour and I’m still struggling to not switch tabs and watch the video itself whilst I type this. I liken the sound to what I imagine Dylan from Sticky Fingers would sound like if he ever went solo. (Side note: Sticky Fingers are on their way back from their hiatus and it’s FUCKING EXCITING.)


In amongst 2018’s shiny pop production, Organ delivers a timeless sound with raw emotion. This is the sound of someone who allowed their soul to tear open and then turned the blood into a painting for the rest of the world to admire. The stunning vocal and emotional delivery of this man are sure to punch you right in the feelings and leave a mark for a few days.

“Keep the fire, keep it burning”. Keep it burning indeed, Tyne-James Organ.

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