The Boileroom – a place we CAN go

“This one I am on. Being a child is fun and should be celebrated. Fuck the phones.”

I’m so bored of being creatively tired.

It’s nice that there is a vibe for creative people in Guildford, it’s just annoying there isn’t more and that it’s surrounded by posh speak without any fucking grit. Most of it is from the same pond and the fish that have travelled from seas afar have been watered down.

Guildford itself seems very practical and pretty as a town but there isn’t the colourful flair you want from a creative place. You have to dig to find it which is odd considering you have ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music), Surrey Uni who do have Arts/Music courses (despite their normality) and the Guildford School of Acting.

I never see pop-up plays in and about town. Guildford actors and actresses, where are you??

I suppose it does make it more special when you find creative places you want to be.

The Boileroom, however, makes life easier.

I’m supposed to be writing about the Indie gig I saw this Thursday (12th April) but I’m scrolling through their listings on Facebook clicking on this, oh and that! Oh and thA… and THIs!

In two minutes Jigsaw Jam starts and I want to be there rather than here.

Good cause, great vibes – join Rainbow Cat, The Underwired BRUCH, Bethia, Ryan Burman Music and Liza Lo for a fantastic night of great music, helping to raise awareness of autism.”

I’m going to miss Liza Lo, my friend and fellow (lol fellow) soulful singer songwriter because I’m writing this. Soz gal 😦

mad hatter

The Madhatter’s Boozy Tea Party is coming up on the 29th April which promises:

“Magical plant-based menu of generous cake wedges; scones piled high with cream and jams; savoury muffins stacked high on china dishes; and teapots filled to the brim with delectable cocktails.”

I could do with a cocktail teapot right about now. This one is a bit pricier at £33.50 – so maybe one to take your mum with the mauve dangly earrings to.

Do not pass go: Board games and beers is on 18th April. This one I am on. Being a child is fun and should be celebrated. Fuck the phones.

“*FREE ENTRY* Bring your own or peruse our personal collection, we open our doors for a chilled night of board games and beers! From Buckaroo to Battlestar Galactica, with our fully stocked bar thrown in for good measure. Bring your friends or fly solo and join a clan, from the casual snakes and ladders fan to intense RPGs, there’ll be something for everyone with a few wild cards!”

See that’s so cute. There’s literally no reason not to go, it’s free.

Wasn’t it always the ideal setting as a kid anyway; a pint and some board games?

Well it is now.

Anyway, back to the night I actually went to. It was actually pretty mediocre after all that build-up but bear with me.

When I turned up, Latenight Honeymoon were playing. I felt the floorboards’ buoyancy beneath me as a gaggle of three or four 17-something girls giggled and swung behind me. I’ve just far outgrown those days, you know? It pissed me off but I guess you can’t really escape it at an Indie/Pop gig.

Also, to tick another box, there were like seven really tall lanky lads, three of which decided to join the crowd in front of me, ffs. Eventually, I found a place I could see.

Blondie in the middle was the vocalist and lead guitarist (Ted Joyce) and he moved around like a rag doll in his sparkly sequined top owning the stage. Him and Two Piece (Tom Sonenfeld) on guitar brought the energy whereas Alfred Pawsey on Bass and Dan Stern on Drums played it cool.

I can’t for the life of me find their music online to illustrate my points but imagine. Their music had a young energy to it. Indie based pop but I deffo heard a lot of Kings Of Leon coming through their music with shuffley drum patterns and fast paced meeeww guitar.

They toned it down later in their set for some bluer songs you could sway too. I can imagine them playing at Latitude and doing really well.

Blondie kept up his demeanour after the set and they all seemed high from the after-buzz of performing. Two Piece was alight with energy and bouncing off the walls. I complimented him on his Japanese-style suit.

“See, everyone thinks they’re dragons but they’re not.” He jumped and pulled a pose. “Are they Dragons?” he acted.
“…NOO! They’re cockerels!”
He made me laugh.

BILK were a three piece with more of a Slaves influence who sounded pretty cool and Rose Dive I was kinda disappointed in. I wanted more but it was all melancholy drone to me.

I suppose Guildford isn’t all bad. There are great places to go walking on a sunny day and create your own fun in but I wish there was more to get the juices flowing in the first place.


Today has been an odd day and a reflective one. Earlier I was sitting in the sun (although all I could see around me was a gloomy pit) wondering how to write this piece with an intense feeling of dread. Fucking inspire me Guildford.

I got up and walked home and on my way back I walked down the High Street and saw what I thought was some kind of procession. One of the brightly coloured sari-ed members stopped me. He was an Italian born Krishna follower. He told me I look like a rock star.

I asked, “How did you get into this?”
He replied, “I came over to England in 2011 and before I could even speak English properly I was stopped in the street by a Krishna follower and he gave me this book. I read it and it made so much sense.” He flung his hands up in the air and shook his head.
“If you read it you’ll see, it’s different for everyone…”
I looked at him puzzled, unconvinced but interested.
“… I can’t say for everyone you know. Each person is unique and their journey is unique to them.”
“It’s definitely a journey isn’t it?” I looked at him knowingly, a smile creeping in on my face.
“Yes.” Now he looked puzzled but a smile crept up on him too.

He gave me a new book and I progressed further down the high street.

I crossed at the traffic lights and stopped on the bridge which crosses the river. There was a crystal stall. I felt like shit so thought fuck it, if any of this crystal bullshit actually works it better work now. I looked over at all the different colours and stones. I hesitated before settling on a rough blue one with translucent bits varying in size and shade throughout the whole stone before asking the lady to help me find one suited to me.

“Excuse me. I need one for…” I stopped, what the FUCK do I say? The ground’s gravity got 100 times stronger and I could feel heat on my face and my eyes watering.

I decided on three stones and left.

Maybe there is more to this town I haven’t discovered yet? I’m still dreaming of living in a place such as Bristol or London where weird is normal. For now I’ll make do with what i’ve got and places like the Boileroom and independent set ups coming from students at ACM give me something to be hopeful about on uninspiring days like today.




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