Sticky Fingers are BACK

It pisses me off that when you search ‘Sticky Fingers’ on Google it pops up with a restaurant. I want the latest update on Australia’s favourite alcoholics, not a menu of burgers. Maybe.

Let me introduce you to one of the best bands this century has to offer. Our criminal cousins down under might find it ridiculous to be introduced to the legendary Sticky Fingers but it turns out that not near enough people have heard of them over here, so it’s time for you to meet them, adore them, totally fall in love with them.


A reggae-fusion (yes, that’s right) indie-surf-rock band with horrible gig etiquette and a need to party. They have a sound that truly trademarks them and an image hard to beat. It’s not often that you get bands who have entire albums whereby every individual track is an absolute anthem, but Sticky Fingers are one of them. Caress Your Soul might be my favourite album of all time. That is a statement and a half.

The band grew a name for their excessive partying and semi-shit behaviour. Following a sting of bad press surrounding supposed racist accusations against fellow Australian artist Thelma Plum, and for the better of lead singer Dylan Frost’s health, Sticky Fingers announced a hiatus early last year. Fans were left in suspense for the year as there was no time in which they were expected to return. (Though we all KNEW they would come back.) Dylan has since released a voice recording of an apology to fans for his behaviour and denying the racist accusations. He accepts his role in the image of himself he has created and knows his behaviour in the past has been unacceptable but says the person he has been painted at for the last year is everything he stands to hate.

Despite speculations for the last year due to Frost’s social media radio silence, the singer assures that he is completely against violence against women and racism, being Maori himself.

Alas! Sticky Fingers have been posting on their socials again. The boys are back, (hopefully) healthier, and ready to continue to bless our undeserving ears with their beauty once again. Get ready, England, for your worlds to be rocked. Reggae-fusion-indie-surf ROCKED.

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