Single review: The Bohos – Born Frustrated

Feeling up against it on a Tuesday morning? Silently infuriated by the unvarying everyday? This song is your soundtrack.

‘Born Frustrated’ is the third single from Liverpudlian indie-rockers, The Bohos. A wailing dissection of modern urban life, with guts. It sums up the disjointed feelings of the day-to-day perfectly. “People seem to get to me/Walking round so helplessly” having the words to describe every mundane tube journey, every barren weekend, every wait for another delayed bus, makes it all seem bearable. Especially when surrounded by gravelly yet atmospheric guitar tones. What taps into my psyche more? The disjointed riffs? Or the chorus, when it all comes exploding out…

Born Frustrated is lo-fi with grit, punk with melancholy, a Bruce Springsteen track from 21st century Liverpool; all rolled into one and thrown in your face. The Bohos may have worked the grassroots scene for years but they’re finally climbing the tree.

From: Liverpool
Formed: 2016
For Fans Of: Bruce Springsteen, Kings of Leon, Buzzcocks

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