Single review: Dame Jean – Wasted Love

We don’t need any more teen angst tracks! Because this one will just make them look puerile…

Finally, a single to give the indie scene a much-needed kick up the arse. A band who can cite Elvis, The Doors and Jerry Lee Lewis as influences without being a cliché. ‘Wasted Love’, the debut single of Dame Jean, has all the raw power of classic punk with a dark undercurrent. Rough and ready riffs surround lyrics that capture the seeming significance of adolescent problems, “Don’t be so blue/It’s just the worst mistake you’ll ever make in your life”.

Dame Jean were rightly described by Hunger as ‘A one band indie revolution’. ‘Wasted Love’ is a lightning bolt to the withering cadaver of guitar bands; a resuscitating breath to all that is missed in rock’n’roll, bettered only as lead singer, Sammy Crocker, thrashes around like a fresh faced Iggy Pop.

From: Bath
For fans of: 
Dirty Pretty Things, Honey, The Pixies


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