The 10-minute review – 11: IAMDDB

In deference to Georgie Drumz, starshe’s created an amazing grime playlist here – I want to acknowledge IAMDDB as my featured artist today.

  • She glides between singing and speech.
  • She switches effortlessly between jazz, trap, grime and what we old fogeys used to call trip hop.
  • She makes it seem effortless. Sure it ain’t though.
  • She’s from Manchester.
  • She’s what some may call neo-soul if that term wasn’t so freaking off-putting.
  • She feels like her music has come fully-formed but that’ll partly be because she plays to her strengths – minimal, spooky, spooked, assured, melodic, knowing full well the effect her voice can have.
  • So laidback she’s beyond vertical.
  • Unsigned.
  • She’s the British Solange.
  • Makes me feel proud to be from this mess of a country.
  • [Insert cute cat picture here.]
  • [Inset light sabre.]
  • [Inset doobie.]

I love a party with an atmosphere.


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