Single Review: Wavves/Culture Abuse – Big Cloud

What more do you need for the start of March than a song that makes you feel as if you’re drinking bottles at the beach, as opposed to trekking through the snow to get to fucking Lidl? These summer vibes are coming through your headphones courtesy of the ongoing collaboration between Wavves (beachbum-punk) and Culture Abuse (providing slurred vocals here).

Following on from their insanely catchy 2017 release ‘Up And Down‘, ‘Big Cloud‘ lyrically deals with similar themes; low-key acid references and general teen problems (This place is a bore/ I don’t know what for) all wrapped up in West-Coast style guitars and suitably laid-back vocals. They’ve even got their own Beach Boys-esque backing vocals… maybe if The Beach Boys smoked a bit more pot.

‘Big Cloud’ stands as one of the most infectious punk records of the year. After the one-two knockout combo of ‘Up And Down’ and now this, the future is looking bright.



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