Album Review: Ducking Punches – Alamort

Fuck me, what a sound. Yes, it’s uncultured and a bit disgusting, but it’s raw and passionate. It’s Ducking Punches.

The songs on the East Anglian alt. rockers’ fourth studio album Alamort are cleverly crafted. You’ll hear bits of Moose Blood and Lower Than Atlantis, not least in vocalist Dan Allen’s delivery, complete with a harsh British accent.

This may be a big departure for fans of old (‘It’s Been A Bad Few Weeks‘, ‘Big Brown Pills From Lynn‘ and ‘Six Years‘, for example). Gone is the folky acoustic guitar driven sound; in its place, Hardcore Punk. It’s a sound that teeters brilliantly between the over-produced and the raw. And not many bands get that balance right.

It would be easy to regard Ducking Punches as just another angry, depressed rock band. It would also be very foolish.

Alamort is, at times, brutally honest and revealing. The inward-facing perspective proves heart-wrenching, as Allen sings “feed me pills to keep me sane, I ruin everything” on the customary acoustic track, ‘I Ruin Everything’. Fans of bands like Real Friends and The Wonder Years will enjoy the lyrical offering here. Musically more diverse, fans of Skate Punk (think this and this), Emo (this) and modern Pop Punk (this and this) will all find something to take away.

It would be easy to regard Ducking Punches as just another angry, depressed rock band. It would also be very foolish. It can be challenging to fuse different styles, particularly ones that are closely related, but these guys have really tapped a strong vein, appealing to alternative cats in all shapes and sizes, and probably older fans of punk and rock too.

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Ducking Punches 2018 Tour Dates
16 Feb: The Lexington, London, 17 Feb: The Arts Centre, Norwich: 27 April. The Alma, Bolton, 28 April: Pop Punk Pile Up Festival, Shelby, 5 May 2018: Rock am Kuhteich, D-Deutzen, 25 May: Gängeviertel Festival, Hamburg, 26 May: B58, Braunschweig, 16 June: Indie festival, Bavaria, indie festival, 13-15 July: Cz, Mighty Sounds

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