Album Review: CupcakKe – Ephorize

If you haven’t heard of CupcakKe before, The Friendly Critic has a friendly warning for you. You won’t be able to forget. The Chicago-based rapper has released her third studio album. Her music is described as ‘dirty rap’ which is, well, one way to put it.

Growing up, CupcakKe started writing religious-themed poetry at the age of 14 and which she performed for church-goers. As time went on she changed her poems into rap, filming and posting them on YouTube. In 2015 CupcakKe was inspired by Khia’s infamous ‘My Neck, My Back’ and she decided it was her calling to write explicit music as well.

Her career really picked up in 2015 when both hits ‘Deepthroat’ and ‘Vagina’ went viral on YouTube(22 million views) and Worldstar hiphop. 

CupcakKe almost acts as a pioneer for a new wave of young female rappers, but the type of music the 20-year-old rapper makes also attracts the haters who think any woman that mentions sex is vulgar, and poisoning society. Leaving the controversies to one side, on the new album Ephorize new themes are addressed. Particularly there is a shout-out to her new allies in the LGBT+ community (‘Crayons’). Close friend Charli XCX has enlisted CupcakKe to feature on her new track ‘I Got It’. 

‘Duck Duck Goose’, ‘Exit’ and ‘Cartoons’ have been released as singles. 

Male rappers and singers such as Usher, R Kelly, Chris Brown and Jeremih have been singing about their s(es)xcapades for years. It is time women start saying exactly what they want, too. Already reaching her first million dollars for 2018, for the independent artist  the year can only get better. CupcakKe  starts her Ephorize tour.  


She’s a character that doesn’t run out of captions. Her punchy aggressive manners and hilarious one-liners on hairy assholes will stick and if you aren’t afraid of suspicious sound effects and the amount of dildos in a single video you might just like her.


What’s a little more controversy?



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