Will Varley: The Spirit of Minnie

WANTED: Folk Singer

Willing applicants should:

  • Like to travel a lot
  • Play acoustic guitar
  • Tell a good story
  • Have a voice like gravel

APPLICANT: Will Varley

This one looks good. He checks off all the requirements, and has a hardy following to boot.

Set to fill out London’s Kentish Town Forum to coincide with the release of new album The Spirit Of Minnie, Will Varley’s ascent has been calculated and assured. Since signing with Xtra Mile Recordings in 2015, Varley has taken his music around the world by any means necessary.

The album begins with a break from previous material: ‘All Those Stars’ has the same sophisticated pop edge that sparks Paolo Nutini. The pop factor is subdued by the lack of a discernible hook, but it’s a stab that could do wonders for Varley’s wider appreciation.

Will Varley- Landscape

After a while though, it’s back to Varley’s signature sound. The production value may have raised but these are still straight up folk songs. Sadly, the hook that pop music so eagerly seeks is absent, which leaves the feeling that this album will fade away in time.

Worthy of note is ‘Insect’. It’s eerie and weird in a good way and shows Varley’s willingness to push the creative boundary. It might be Marmite, but the diversity it creates is a welcome change and it sticks out more than anything else from this album.


A mixed bag then. I’d still give him the job.

Listen to the new album here.

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