Some other questions for Bono

Bono believes that music has got very girly lately.

While he does not believe this is necessarily a bad thing, he does think that “hip-hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment” (presumably he is talking music here, not political activism or sport).

“What is rock & roll?” he asks, before going on to explain the reason why his band have spent near 30 years releasing mediocre music, and also reinforcing a turgid male-centric stereotype. “Rage is at the heart of it.”

Bono is clearly becoming confused in his dotage.

Here are some other pressing questions that we here at Cold Turkey humbly suggest Bono may want to turn his manly steely gaze upon.

  • Why is there no International Women’s Day for men?
  • Why isn’t it #alllivesmatter?
  • Isn’t feminism just reverse sexism?
  • Why is hyper-masculine aggression viewed as positive?
  • How dare the new Dr Who be female?
  • Can anyone else remember a time when good music was popular and popular music was good?
  • Why is it OK for the rich not to pay tax?
  • Does not the divide between the poor (loosely, the people who have to pay tax) and the rich (loosely, the people who do not have to pay tax) contribute to world poverty in a very meaningful way?
  • Is Bono a fan of Donald Trump, now that he has implemented further tax cuts for the super-rich?


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