The 10-minute review – 6. ShitKid

“I have always believed that rock’n’roll comes down to myth. There are no ‘facts’” – Lester Bangs

  1. Shit kicking name, shit kicking attitude.
  2. Basic, rudimentary. Not even two-chord thrash. Attitudinal. “We don’t give a shit and we don’t give a shit whether you notice that or not.”
  3. Wears sunglasses after dark, and a tightly-belted plastic mac.
  4. Laconic as art.
  5. Wrong.
  6. Ought to be from New York 1979, on Ze. Not, though.
  7. Not to be confused from with ShitKids, a musical group from Sweden. (I say musical. I mean thrash.)
  8. Or maybe they are? From Sweden, a musical group. (I say group. I mean person, singular. I say musical. I use the term loosely.)
  9. Industrial, the way students rarely are.
  10. Nasty, but sweet.

Fuck it. Let me quote the BandCamp.

ShitKid is the project of 23-year-old Åsa Söderqvist based in Gothenburg in the south of Sweden. Born in 1992 and growing up in the northern part of Sweden, Åsa was a shy kid and in 2008 she moved away from home to study music, guitar and singing, for high school. Struggling with shyness and blackouts whenever she tried to perform in front of an audience, she turned away from music in favour of partying and boys.

Someone can not count.

Go check Asa out. She rocks, like Monte Cazazza. With way more melody. Strange rhythmical music. (I use the word ‘music’. Do not let that put you off. We are not talking Ed Sheeran here.)

P.S. Fuck you.

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