Beans On Toast: Out Now

Proving once more that making a tit of yourself is great fun, Beans On Toast returns with a brand new music video for The Unlikely Gymnast

You can check out the full album review for Cushty here.

In his own words, The Unlikely Gymnast is a tale of “getting hammered and talking shit”. A relatable be-careful-what-you-wish-for-story, now aligned with a comic video, shows the aftermath of what happens when master level shit-talking gets its bluff called.

Written for the Walker sisters after a drunken festival encounter (where Beans exclaimed “I’m gonna make gymnastics sexy again!”), the video is recorded at the families’ gymnastics academy in Scarborough. There has been no official word yet, but with the evidence on show, I expect he’ll stick to music.

Beans is currently on tour with Skinny Lister, tickets for which can be found here.

Cushty can be found on the following platforms (links below).

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