The 10-minute review – 2. Juniore

The challenge on the card is you have 10 minutes to express yourself, entertain. Inform.

Forgive the bullet points.

  1. This song here reminds me of a song by this man here. That tells you nothing, except that I like the juxtaposition of certain chords (specifically A and E), and perhaps Patrick Wolf. This song would tell you less (although it has an undeniable poignancy).
  2. From France. Everything is black and white or, in the least, sepia-tinted. I am familiar with the love certain sections of Paris have for Stereolab (or at least Electrelane). This tells you less, if you are unfamiliar with the reference points and too lazy (or unmotivated) to click.
  3. The music is not in your face. Self-described as “surf, psychedelic, sixties, french, country” but their music is both languid and playful and… well, fairground.
  4. To put it another way, “Juniore joue d’un décalage temporel, entre la nostalgie d’une époque jamais connue – celle des scopitones, des moteurs à deux temps et des voyages sur la Lune – et un univers contemporain, à la Tarantino, peuplé d’histoires de filles, de fantômes, de villes et de voitures. On y entend des guitares ultra réverbérées auxquelles répondent des harmonies pleines de spleen et de rythmes.” Oh, now that is some tasty description!
  5. Have I mentioned the sepia-tinting, the lush black and white, the isolation of piano notes yet?
  6. Literate, languid, French. If I was to state French comparison points I suspect it would reveal much about my woeful knowledge of French comparison points and little about the music itself. Well deserving of 10 minutes of my time.
  7. Ferries can be romantic.
  8. I do not have the slightest idea as to gender.

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