The 10-minute review – 1. angelic milk

The challenge on the card is to impart as much information as you can discover, in 10 minutes. And to NOT BE BORING.

First up, is my new secret heartthrobs Angelic Milk.

Apologies for the list format.

  1. They’re Russian (from St Petersburg) but sound like they’re from Oxford (U.K.) 1986. East European, then.
  2. Gucci loves ’em.
  3. Their finest song – ‘Some Boys Are Beautiful Girls’ – does not have a video. This should be rectified.
  4. The singer – all drowsy insouciant and sleepy-eyed charm – reminds me of Miki Berenyi. Not the way Miki sounded on vinyl, but the way Miki behaved in the flesh. This (trust me) is a compliment of the highest order.
  5. This being 2017, the producers have not removed the edges but made a feature of them. Thirty years ago, bands were taught to be embarrassed of the edges and hide behind generic production. Voices were not disallowed as such, just not encouraged. This is one (of the many) reasons why music continually feels more exciting by the year.
  6. Angelic Milk understand the necessity of the culture, the implicit truth of Marshall McLuhan’s statement “the medium is the message”. Take one look at the format they released their (sold out) album in.
  7. I never really enjoyed shoegazing first time round (see point 5 for clarification). This however is shoegazing. (Do Angelic Milk even wear shoes? Boot-gazing.)
  8. Fear of strangers, so the band name is lower case and the singer is called Sarah Persephona.
  9. Only happy when they’re sad, obv.
  10. Only sad when they’re not dreaming, obv.
  11. My only real knowledge of St Petersburg music before this, is this. I suspect that life can be bleak.
  12. A trio (possibly four-piece, possibly solo project) who dress in kinderwhore style. Hey wait! Wikipedia claims that I coined that term! Fucking cool. P.S. Do not believe everything you read on Wiki.

So good, they could be from Brisbane.

Time’s up. Glam-scorched pop music it is.

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